CBA OnSite Curriculum


CBA makes three components of its renowned educational curriculum available to your bank through CBA OnSite Education. Drawing on decades of retail banking experience and renowned faculty, students can experience two proprietary simulations to better equip them for strategic thinking and bank profitability.  Choose from:


Retail Bank MarketSim

This one-of-a-kind replica of a retail bank marketplace will deepen your understanding of the risk/reward trade-offs in developing a retail strategy, integrating customer segmentation, product offerings, pricing, delivery channels, marketing and branding.  Learn about our MarketSim faculty here.



​This one-of-a-kind, top-down, overall bank simulation highlights critical risk management challenges through the principals of economic value. Participants learn to weigh complex strategic decisions for the bank against risk ramifications and analyst reactions to maximize shareholder value.  Learn about our BankCom faculty here.


Fundamentals of Banking

This curriculum provides new retail bank officers, non-bank professionals, and others with a fundamental understanding of how an institution maintains profitability within the parameters of regulatory controls, economic circumstances, competitive influences and risk limitations.  Learn about our Fundamentals of Banking Faculty here.


View Sample Schedules here!

See our sample schedules below for each segment of curriculum.  Schedules can be full customized to fit your team's needs.


Want to know more?  Click here to read more about the CBA OnSite Education experience and how it can take your team to the next level.