Ken Sweet





Banking & Consumer Finance Writer

The Associated Press





Ken Sweet is the banking and consumer financial issues writer for The Associated Press, the world’s oldest and largest news organization. He covers the major Wall Street and retail banking firms, in addition to the issues that impact everyday Americans’ pocketbooks, including credit cards, fintech, and the forces helping and impeding underserved communities’ access to financial services.

Before joining the AP, he worked for The Wall Street Journal, where he covered the private equity industry. He holds  bachelor’s degrees in journalism and in political science from University of Missouri-Columbia. Based in New York, Ken was born and raised in Arizona. When he isn’t staring at Excel spreadsheets and filing FOIA requests, he enjoys spending time with his Internet-famous dog Latke the Corgi and disappearing into parts of the world where there’s no cell reception.



See Ken on Tuesday morning where he will moderate the general session entitled: "President Trump, the Future of the CFPB and the Loyal Opposition."