CFPB Committee

The CFPB Committee focuses on anticipating issues and actions related to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, responding to new issues rapidly and constructively. To the extent issues are within the purview of other CBA Committees, the CFPB Committee will actively involve those groups or refer matters, as appropriate. 

CBA’s CFPB Committee is the primary contact point at CBA for issues related to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Although the majority of issues within the purview of CFPB are not themselves new, they are regulated by a new and growing agency, with new leadership and staff, both legal and compliance. Additional areas of regulation, such as "abusive" acts and practices, new disclosures for real estate-secured products, and new complaint systems, are areas of interest for CBA members. The Committee will work closely with CBA’s Government Relations Council and assist the CBA Team in regular reports on CFPB issues to CBA’s Board of Directors.