CBA Executive Banking School

Why CBA?

The CBA Executive Banking School equips rising stars at your bank with the vital skills and perspective to successfully navigate the complexities of the retail banking industry.


Our program inspires the next generation of innovative leaders.


We provide a rigorous, boutique education for ambitious bank officers by immersing them in real world scenarios experienced daily by retail banks. Over the course of three ten-day summer sessions, students participate in one-of-a-kind simulation exercises that challenge them to run the entire consumer business of a bank. They learn how to analyze and utilize financial data to influence a bank’s future performance. And they dive into an executive level virtual experience that requires them to manage a bank from the top down.

Ours is the only program nationally that will arm your high performing managers with the comprehensive, holistic perspective of retail banking required to lead and evolve effectively with industry shifts. We offer an exclusive curriculum tailored and taught by top industry practitioners. Theoretical lectures are minimal. We don’t dabble in the latest fads. Instead, our instructors engage students in competitive, hands-on drills that help reveal the core principles of successful bank leadership. 


Students graduate with a deep understanding and appreciation of how various segments of retail banking are interrelated. This invaluable perspective sharpens your rising stars’ strategic decision-making skills. It strengthens their credibility within your organization. It anchors them on a path to leadership.


Our program is not only a smart investment; it’s an essential investment in your bank’s future.


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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

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