The CBA Team

President & Chief Executive Officer
Jean Marie Bunton
Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff
Jenny DeBerry
Executive Administrator to the President & CEO, Liaison to Board of Directors

Government Relations

Senior Vice President, Head of Congressional Affairs
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Head of Regulatory Affairs
Shelley Thompson
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Jessica Hall
Vice President, Congressional Affairs
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Colin Carr
Vice President, Congressional Affairs
Ryan Blake
Vice President, Committee Advocacy & Engagement
Karen Neeley
Committee Director
Viktorija Stich
Committee Director
Jake Letterie
Government Relations Coordinator


Kevin OConnor
Senior Vice President, Membership, Sponsorship & Corporate Philanthropy
Jordan Selmer
Vice President, Associate Membership & Sponsorship
Isabella Brennan
Membership & Webinar Administrative Coordinator

Events & Committees

Joanna Beaver, CMP
Senior Vice President, Committees & Events
Angie Berkey
Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Design & Creative
Debbi Bauserman
Assistant Vice President of Engagement
Tammy Morgan
Director, Database & Event Logistics


Senior Vice President, Director of Executive Education
Vice President, Advanced Education
Morgan S. Chandler
Assistant Vice President, Director of Education Operations
Abuk Jiel
Education Coordinator

Communications and Marketing

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
Roman Burleson
Vice President, Head of Creative and Digital Strategy
Weston Loyd
Vice President, Press Secretary
Aishwarya Sukumaran
Communications Associate


Michelle Aughinbaugh
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Danni Lu
Senior Vice President, Finance
Mitslal Girmay
Accounting Director
Sodaba Azad
Accounting Director

In Memoriam

Joe Belew
President | December 1984 - January 2009
Steven I. Zeisel
Executive Vice President & General Counsel | September 1991 - September 2019