Tem Wooldridge Award

About the Tem Wooldridge Award

The Tem Wooldridge Award recognizes the top Executive Banking School student each year who demonstrates outstanding academic performance, high integrity and a strong work ethic. In addition to academic merit, the Tem Wooldridge winner possesses the necessary character and leadership skills to bring out the best in their teammates.  The honor is named for a former faculty member.


2023 Tem Wooldridge Award Winner: Mark Salatino, U.S. Bank



Past Tem Wooldridge Award Winners

2022 - Kaley Keeley - PNC

2021 - Alexis Hirst - Citi

2020 - Julie Carey - M&T Bank

2019 - Angela Conti, TD Bank

2018 - Chris Manderfield, KeyBank

2017 - Tom Dent, PNC

2016 - Cynthia Frederick, Citibank

2015 - Tony Warden

2014 - Neil Vaidya, Bank of the West

2013 - Jill Enabnit, U.S. Bank 

2012 - Michael Sherck, Wells Fargo Bank 

2011 - Brent Vanderheide, PNC Bank