By Deluxe - Signals: The Marketing Evolution You Cannot Afford to Ignore

It’s very tempting for marketers to think of their marketing activities in terms of channels like search, display, direct mail, and email. This approach can be dangerous as consumers don’t think by channel. Savvy marketers should be looking deeper to see a more powerful prediction of behavior and common thread that ties these channels together: Marketing Signals.

Consumers create signals when they make purchases and payments, search for things, click on ads, and take on new loans. Predictive, event-based and behavior-based signals allow you to better understand customers, their expectations, and their customer journey. In this white paper we’ll cover the top

  1. Look beyond traditional signals
  2. Take advantage of search engine signals
  3. Use multi-source data to optimize your reach
  4. Use signals to strengthen existing campaigns
  5. Measure and adjust your plans

Download our white paper to explore how bank marketers are using signals to target and communicate with their customers and prospects in more meaningful ways that maximize ROI. Banks allocating higher levels of marketing investment in order to gain share of small businesses are enjoying accelerated and profitable revenue growth.