By KPMG - Ten Key Regulatory Challenges of 2019 | Actions to Drive Resiliency Amidst Innovation

Financial services companies are challenged to find the best allocation of their investments and resources. Knowing where to begin can make the difference.

To help, KPMG developed the Ten Key Regulatory Challenges that provide a high-level look at issues we believe will impact financial services companies in 2019, highlighting both the drivers behind these challenges and possible actions companies can take to address them.

The dramatic transformation of the financial services industry is challenging firms to pursue greater agility and resiliency. Many are expanding their use of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and innovative technologies, which is also triggering risk governance adjustments and regulatory attention. In the coming year, we expect regulators will be assessing how firms are adapting to market pressures and managing the associated risks, focusing on operational resilience, governance and controls, data security, and consumer protections – and expecting all to align with ethical and sound conduct practices. 

Click here to discover the Ten Key Regulatory Challenges of 2019. KPMG has great depth in each of these areas and would be happy to discuss them with you in more detail.