Congratulations EBS Class of 2018

Congratulations & Thank You!

Congratulations to the 89 members of the CBA Executive Banking School Class of 2018. Today’s graduates have completed our rigorous three-year program, preparing them to serve as retail banking's future leaders.  CBA is proud to announce this year's honors students as well as this year's recipient of the Tem Wooldridge Award, KeyBank's Christopher Manderfield.  Special thanks to all of those who helped make the 2018 session of CBA Executive Banking School a huge success.


Photos & Video Available

View photos from the 2018 session of CBA Executive Banking School.  Download, print and share your favorites for free via CBA's Flickr page.  








Top Honors

Ten students represented the highest academic achievement in their CBA Executive Banking School coursework, including:


Michael Brouillet | Credit Human FCU

Joseph P. Callahan | KeyBank

Meghan Connolly | Citigroup

Susan E. Dean | SunTrust

Carl Thomas Gable | Wells Fargo

Stephen Hiddleston | Huntington

Erica M. Howard | TIAA

Christopher M. Manderfield | KeyBank

Casey Yarnall | Chase


2018 Tem Wooldridge Award Winner

Selected by faculty and fellow seniors, KeyBank's Christopher Manderfield is the 2018 Tem Wooldridge Award recipient, an honor recognizing the top student from each CBA Executive Banking School graduating class. Named for a retired faculty member, the Tem Wooldridge recipient possesses the necessary character and leadership skills to bring out the best in their teammates.  



CBA Executive Banking School Class of 2018



Matthew R. Adams | PNC

Fiorella M. Ale | Citigroup

Tenzin Alexander | Huntington

Mark Lynn Barber | Wells Fargo

William H. Bondar | PNC

Steven Bozarth | PNC

Steve Braje | Wells Fargo

Steven Bricker | PNC

Michael Brouillet | Credit Human FCU

Rose D. Bryant | Wells Fargo

Joseph P. Callahan | KeyBank

Robert Carnell | Huntington

Ina Xiao Chen | Citigroup

Darren R. Clay | Wells Fargo Bank 


Meghan Connolly | Citigroup

Joshua R. Cooper | KeyBank

Patrick L. Cristino | Citizens

Allison A. Cheney | SunTrust

Donice Dawson | Synovus

Susan E. Dean | SunTrust

Nicole DiBlasi | Wells Fargo

Jason W. Dickson | SunTrust

Nuno Dos Santos | Citigroup

David Drago | Chase 

John Enneking | First Financial Bank

Tom Ennis | SunTrust

Tricia Williams Erickson | Wells Fargo

Matthew D. Evans | PNC

Dawn S. Fabian | PNC

Tonia R. Farley | Wells Fargo

Nuno Francisco | Citigroup

Carl Thomas Gable | Wells Fargo

Ryan M. Gasseling | Bank of the West

Tim Gilleylen | PNC

Adam Gunn | Huntington

Sahin Gunsel | MUFG Union Bank

Melissa Haas | SunTrust

Camille Hall | Huntington

Bryan Hane | MUFG Union Bank

Greg T. Hayes | State Farm

Stephen Hiddleston | Huntington

Micheal Ho | Citigroup

Renee L. Horne | USAA

Erica M. Howard | TIAA


Andrea M. Kanick | First Commonwealth

Prabjot Kaur | MUFG Union Bank

Anna Kentros | TIAA 

Allison Randolph King | Wells Fargo

Aneta Ardelian Kuzma | KeyBank

Eric W. Larkins | SunTrust

Nancy Lewis | Citigroup

Carrie A. Maciejewski | M&T

Christopher M. Manderfield | KeyBank

Teri R. Martin | BB&T

Jeffrey Martinez | PNC

Justin Martz | Wells Fargo

Michelle L. Mercado | Citizens

Rammie J. Nesheiwat | M&T

Jeff Ospina | Wells Fargo 

Brooke C. Oster | Wells Fargo

Adrian D. Papa | Wells Fargo

Brian Pratt | Chase 

Val Perez | TD Bank

John L. Peter | M&T

Kevin B. Quinn | First Internet Bank of Indiana

Waleed Rahyab | MUFG Union Bank

Scott Rich | Chase 

Kevin Richardson | Wells Fargo

Paula M. Roman | PNC

Jamie Rubis | U.S. Bank

Ksenia Sacher | Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Joshua Scherer | SunTrust

Christopher M. Seabright | PNC

Jess Seburn | M&T

Murugan Karthik Shanmugam | Citizens

Kristyn M. Squires | KeyBank

Jeffrey Steer | Citigroup

Joshua Svenson | Chase 

Renanah Taylor | Bank of the West

Lori von Heyking | Woodforest

Timothy Scott Wells | Wells Fargo

Rebecca White | Bank of the West

Michael J. White | TIAA

Christian E. Wober | BB&T

Casey Yarnall | Chase 

Lamont A. Young Sr. | Citizens Financial Group

Lena Zaitseva McCloskey | IBERIABANK

Carlos Zuniga | USAA



Save the Date!

The 2019 session of CBA Executive Banking School will take place July 21-31 at Furman University in Greenville, S.C.