Community Reinvestment Committee

As a leading industry voice influencing CRA policy and community development, CBA's Community Reinvestment Committee provides strategic direction on emerging issues that affect the industry's ability to serve low and moderate-income communities, individuals and small businesses.


The Committee's goals are to:

  1. Advocate for regulatory guidelines that are reflective of changing industry and policy dynamics, customer behaviors and values, and sustainable community and economic development activities.
  2. Promote coordination between the agencies regarding CRA regulation toward greater flexibility and continued effectiveness that facilitates better alignment between banks' safety, soundness, resources and strategies with the needs of LMI and small business communities.
  3. Facilitate peer to peer communication of members between meetings to encourage opportunities for discussion of best practices and challenges.




For information about participating on the Committee or Subcommittee, contact Kevin O'Connor or call (202) 552-6376.