Risk Committee

CBA’s Risk Committee focuses on best practices for risk management at CBA member banks, the identification of legislative and regulatory issues, and implementation of the heightened standards.


The Committee addresses issues and challenges facing retail banks in the management of risk, customer satisfaction, and compliance and building out the first and second lines of defense as top priorities. Members address risk management practices and changes in regulatory expectations, and operational considerations in implementing heightened standards. Comprised of banking leaders in first and second lines of defense, the group shares resources and best practices to help industry peers deploy change and adapt their people, processes and technology in support of the risk management activities.


The Committee's goals are to:

  1. Establish best practices around building out and managing the first and second lines of defense;
  2. Recommend effective ways to manage risk and its framework; 
  3. Understand and communicate the risk culture; and 
  4. Educate regulators and members of Congress.



For more information about participating on this or other CBA Committees, contact Kevin O'Connor or call (202) 552-6376.