Small Business Lending Trends

  • 3rd Quarter, 2019

    Sunday, December 1, 2019

    Overall Observations

    For the 3rd quarter, the data indicates performance again remains steady across the three key metrics over the 24 month period. SBFE Data continues to show that credit utilization remains fairly consistent while both balances and limits are increasing. Delinquencies have maintained a fairly steady rate over the reported period with term loans reaching a low point for the past two years. Charge-offs were almost unchanged over the final two quarters of the period and fairly consistent over the entire reported period.


  • 2nd Quarter, 2019

    Monday, September 16, 2019

    Overall Observations

    Our data indicates small business credit performance, on a quarterly basis across three key metrics, continues to remain relatively consistent over the two-year period. Credit utilization has remained fairly level during the period with a slight upward trend over the three months of the second quarter of 2019. In the second quarter, delinquencies reversed the trend of slow increase over the past year falling back below 4% by the end of June. Alongside dropping delinquency rates, charge-offs exhibited a small decrease during the second quarter of 2019, ending slightly above a quarter of a percent in losses.