Staying Safe


We're thrilled to see you in-person in Orlando and remain cautiously optimistic about being one day closer to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBA, the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes and Orange County, Florida, will adhere to CDC guidelines regarding proper COVID-19 safety precautions. Anyone attending CBA LIVE 2021 is asked to adhere to CDC guidelines, as well as recommendations from Orange County, Florida and your local area.


COVID-19 Protocols for CBA LIVE 2021

It's a different world and handshakes are so 2019. To help keep you and fellow attendees safe, we ask that you follow these practices while at CBA LIVE 2021.


  1. Wear a Mask:  Please wear a face covering at all times, unless eating or drinking. Masks will be available at the CBA LIVE registration desk should you need an extra one, or if you have misplaced your own.
  2. Keep Your Distance:  Please maintain a minimum six-foot distance from others at all times. CBA LIVE 2021 meeting rooms are designed to offer lots of space for social distancing.
  3. Wash Your Hands:  You’ve been hearing this one since grade school.  Sing a song, set your smart watch timer or count to 20... but whatever you do, please, wash your hands (often) and regularly use the hand sanitizing stations provided throughout CBA LIVE 2021.
  4. Don’t Be a Hugger:  We get it... It's a tough time for huggers! Your colleagues and long-time friends will understand that you’re happy to see them, and they look forward to exchanging an elbow bump or air high-five in lieu of our industry’s typical hugs and handshakes.
  5. Stay Put if You’re Feeling Sick:  Please stay home if you are feeling unwell, or stay in your hotel room should you experience any symptoms after your arrival in Orlando, Florida.


Additional COVID-19 Resources for CBA LIVE 2021: