Morning Money

January 24, 2018

POWELL REACT ROUND-UP — You'll notice a theme... banking trades are very happy to have a deregulatory minded team at the Fed now with Powell and Vice Chair for Supervision Randy Quarles

ABA's Rob Nichols: "Chairman Powell has demonstrated his interest in reviewing and refining regulations to ensure they work to reinforce economic growth while preserving the important principles of prudential supervision. ... 

CBA's Richard Hunt: "We look forward to working with Chair Powell to ensure regulatory policies keep the banking industry healthy and benefit American consumers." 

FSR's Tim Pawlenty: "We look forward to working with the Fed's new leadership to review its role in financial regulation and better modernize the system to safely boost economic growth."

IIF's Tim Adams : "In the more than 20 years that I've known and worked with Jay Powell, he has consistently proven to be a steady and thoughtful policymaker. I'm confident he will make an excellent Fed Chair"