CBA Announces Executive Banking School Class of 2015

Washington, D.C. (July 28, 2015) – The Consumer Bankers Association’s Executive Banking School congratulates each member of the Class of 2015 and is proud to announce the 2015 honors students as well as this year’s top student, Tony Warden, the recipient of the Tem Wooldridge Award.

Today’s graduates have invested three years in the Executive Banking School program which signifies their commitment to ensuring the industry is led by the best and brightest.  Tony Warden was selected by the Executive Banking School faculty to receive the Tem Wooldridge Award.  This prestigious award, established to honor a now-retired Executive Banking School faculty member, recognizes the top student each year.  Candidates for the award demonstrate outstanding academic performance, high integrity and a strong work ethic.  In addition to academic merit, the Tem Wooldridge winner possesses the necessary character and leadership skills to bring out the best in their teammates.

“Congratulations to all our graduates, especially Tony Warden—this year’s Tem Wooldridge Award recipient for his remarkable academic and professional performance,” said CBA President Richard Hunt. “We at CBA are so proud to have such outstanding individuals representing our school and our industry.”

The 2015 Honors Graduates have demonstrated excellent academic achievement in their Executive Banking School coursework.

Executive Banking School 2015 Honors Graduates:

Tony Warden, Consultant – 2015 Tem Wooldridge Award recipient

Eric Daniels, US Bank

Adam Dick, First Niagara

Daniel Hobbs, Regions

Pete Horvath, First Niagara

Ann Marie Janke, US Bank

Ivan Johnson, Wells Fargo

Jeffrey Leising, BMO Harris

Rich Pappert, First Niagara

Karla Warne, PNC

Damien Warren, SunTrust

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