CBA Launches New Podcast Series

January 25, 2018

The Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) today launched a new podcast series titled Suite 550, after CBA’s offices in downtown Washington, D.C. Each episode will feature a recognized industry expert and offer insight into a unique aspect of retail banking, including emerging trends, regulatory highlights and legislative updates.

“Our podcast series brings you the people behind the bank,” said CBA President and CEO Richard Hunt. “We will hear directly from bankers about industry innovations and changes as well as examine how the rules made in Washington are impacting families on Main Street as they try to buy a house, start a business or pay for college – and the role bankers play in helping make it possible.

“In addition to talking with leading consumer bankers, we will sit down with regulatory experts, policy leaders, educators and economists as the series progresses.”

In the first episode, CBA’s Board Chair Brad Conner with Citizens Financial discusses with Hunt the evolution of banking over the last several decades and the impact technology has had - and is having - on the industry.

The podcasts are available via CBA’s podcast library here. You can also subscribe via iTunes here or by email or Android device here.