CBA Showcases Great Women Trailblazers of America’s Leading Banks

March is Women’s History Month, and the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) is proud to share the incredible leaders of our industry, and the many ways America’s leading retail banks develop the next generation of women leaders as well as support female entrepreneurs in their business ventures. This first installment features BMO Bank, Citizens, Synovus Bank, and Old National Bank – which share the career advice and experience of the women who work at all levels of business.

Featured Bank Leader: Ernie Johannson, BMO Bank

This week, BMO shared a special video featuring CBA Board Member Ernie Johannson as a part of its Women’s History Month campaign. In the video, Ernie conveyed her “Three Ts” – skills she believes are the most essential for the next generation of women leaders. 

  • Tenacity: Be tenacious toward your goals.
  • Trust: Trust your advisors and you own gut.”
  • Talk: Ask questions and share your experiences with others.

Watch the video here or below.

Walking the Talk: Citizens

Citizens spotlighted advice from women in positions of leadership within the organization. Kristy Olinger, VP Human Resources, Maggie Wall, EVP Wealth Management, and Larricia Lumpkins, SVP Consumer Banking, spoke on the Money Girl podcast about their career experiences and advice on money management for women in the workplace.

  • Maggie Wall spoke on the importance of women knowing their value at work to maximize earning potential and get the opportunities they deserve. She said that asking for what she wants helped her immensely at the beginning of her career. 
  • Larricia Lumpkins shared the value of having mentors who can help women build their financial confidence. Recognizing that decisions involving managing money can be daunting, Limpkins conveyed, “don’t be afraid to have an authentic conversation. You may find out that they have a lot of the same questions you do and may be able to show you how they navigated that situation.”
  • When it comes to managing money and their careers, Kristy Olinger said women have the power to change perceptions and take initiative to manage their money and careers. Listen to the full podcast here. 

Building the Next Generation: Synovus Bank

For Women’s History Month, Synovus Bank spotlighted the stories of women working at all levels of its business, sharing their commitments to service and the importance activism in their communities. 

  • Kimberly Harper is a human resources professional with Synovus Bank and has been involved with Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta since 2012. She helped bring STEM education opportunities and secured Synovus’ involvement to develop financial literacy for young girls. Her advice for women entering male-dominated careers is to remember the unique perspectives women bring to the workplace, and providing another point of view is invaluable for one’s career. Read her story here
  • Erin Moore joined Synovus in 2019 with a strong passion for serving her community and was quickly appointed the Huntsville Here Matters Champion. In this role, she helped plan financial education and well-being initiatives for the Huntsville community, including working with Girls Inc. of Huntsville. Her advice for young women who are looking for a mentor is to be committed to the relationship, stating “being an active participant in the mentoring process will enhance the overall experience for all involved.” Read her story here

Read more Women’s History Month stories and learn more about Girls Inc. on the Synovus website here.

Helping Women Rise: Old National Bank

Old National Bank spoke with female small business owners in Indiana as well as with Stephanie Ewing, a commercial banker with Old National and co-chair of the bank’s impact network, titled Women LEAD.

  • Women LEAD was restarted in 2023, after taking a hiatus during the pandemic, and Stephanie Ewing recognized the opportunity to help women achieve their professional goals in any way she can. 
  • Ewing also advocates for women to surround themselves with others who can build each other up and support one another in their careers. Old National Bank’s Women LEAD group hosts networking events to help women meet others with similar career and business goals. To read the full interview, click here

Stay tuned for more stories this Women’s History Month as CBA spotlights the way America’s leading retail banks support female entrepreneurs in the next blog!