New CBA Video Touts Banks’ Commitment & Ability To Help Americans Thrive

March 21, 2023

Next week, thousands of industry leaders will converge for CBA LIVE 2023 to discuss what’s NEXT for America’s leading banks amidst so much uncertainty in recent weeks. Ahead of its 14th annual conference, the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) today released a new video highlighting banks’ ongoing commitment to providing the safe and affordable financial tools that help customers and communities thrive, all while reaffirming the trust Americans have placed in our strong and resilient financial system. 

In the video above entitled “Banks Make It Possible,” CBA illustrates just some of the ways banks deliver durable solutions to the economic challenges facing millions of Americans today, including through: 

  • Meeting the unique financial needs of consumers through safe and reliable products, such as loans, credit cards, overdraft protection, free ATMs, and early check deposit.
  • Unveiling new innovative digital offerings to provide families with greater control of their finances, such as fraud prevention alerts, low balance notifications, and other features intended to help consumers make informed decisions while avoiding unwanted fees. 


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In a video released last year, CBA underscored the benefits afforded to consumers within the highly competitive and well-regulated banking industry today. To watch The Power Of Choice, click HERE.