Richard's Rapid Fire - November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016

A Time to Honor Our Veterans

On behalf of the entire CBA Family, I wanted to take a moment to extend our sincerest gratitude to our veterans, active service members, and their families this Veterans Day. Our veterans embody many of our nation’s greatest values: courage, humility and selflessness. Today we show our appreciation for their service and commitment. Thank you.


CBA Congratulates New President and New Congress

Now with the presidential election over, it is time to get this economy moving. Shortly after the election results named Donald Trump as our next President, CBA congratulated the President-elect and Congress and offered up suggestions on how we can work together in the coming years. In my op-ed for The Hill, I reiterated the need for collaboration from all sides of the aisle and stressed the importance of regulatory reform. The time is now for our political leaders to consider involving opinions from the banking industry if we expect to make this economy stronger and if we expect to serve consumers with the innovative financial services they need.


Speaker Ryan’s Readout on the Way Forward

In a call with Speaker Ryan, fresh from meeting with President-elect Trump at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, I learned about his 2017 legislative game plan to stimulate our economy. In a wide-ranging conversation, the Speaker touched on tax reform, healthcare, restoring certainty for the markets, and removing numerous regulatory executive orders which are stifling our economy and killing jobs. The Speaker is clearly excited to work with the President-Elect, whose own plans complement the House Republican agenda known as “A Better Way.” The Speaker intends to “go as far as he can as fast as he can” in partnership with Senator McConnell. Vice President–elect Pence is heading up transition efforts, and former SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins is transition lead on independent financial agencies. We wish the Speaker much continued success in his efforts on behalf of our nation. 


Interest Rate Raise on the Horizon, Survey Says

For some time, the Federal Reserve has been expected to raise interest rates in December. Seemingly unaffected by the results of the presidential election, a survey conducted by Reuters found 85% of respondents believe the central bank will follow through with an increase this year. All signs appear to point towards a December bump in rates should economic conditions hold.


CBA Membership Visits Washington

We love meeting with our members. This week, CBA’s Mid-Tier Retail Executive Forum came to Washington, D.C. for its semi-annual in-person meeting. From branch transformation to FinTech to the Community Reinvestment Act, our bankers took a deep dive into many important issues facing our membership.

It was great to see those who were able to attend, including Wayne Akins of Synovus, Chip Knight of Hancock Whitney, Janice Budnik of United Bank, Paul Olivier of Frost Bank, John Pataky of EverBank, Jill Higa of Bank of Hawaii, Cindy Purcell of Banner Bank and Paul Thome of Sallie Mae.

Thank you to Shelley Leonard and Jon Maynell of Black Knight Financial Services, Chris Flynn of Black Knight Data & Analytics, and Oliver Ireland of Morrison Forester.

Next up: Deposits and Payments Committee comes to town next week.

CBA's Mid-Tier Retail Executive Forum met this week in Washington, D.C.


CBA Family Continues to Grow

The CBA Team is excited to welcome two new associate members to the CBA Family: Broadridge Customer Communications and Lending Club.


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