Richard's Rapid Fire - September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

CBA Elects New Board Leadership Team, Sets 2018 Advocacy Agenda

CBA held its annual leadership summit in Washington, D.C. this week. I am pleased to announce Brad Conner of Citizens Bank was elected Chairman of the Board for 2018, succeeding Ross Carey of U.S. Bank, and Todd Barnhart of PNC was named Chair-Elect.


Speaking with American Banker, Brad debuted our priorities for the upcoming year, which include:


  1. Right sizing the federal government’s role in student lending;
  2. Enacting legislation creating a bipartisan Commission to lead the CFPB;
  3. Advocating for a balanced regulatory framework, which provides provide clear and reasonable regulatory rules and guidance, and promoting quality leadership appointments at regulatory agencies; and
  4. Promoting advances in banking products and services to meet ever-changing consumer needs and demands.


During the meeting, members of CBA’s Board of Directors, along with members of CBA’s committee leadership, met with officials at the Department of Education, Department of Treasury, Small Business Administration, Members of Congress and staff with the Office of the Vice President. 


Here are our top takeaways from this week’s meetings:


  • The Equifax data breach may pose challenges for the banking industry;
  • The CFPB’s last final rule under Director Cordray will likely be a small-dollar rule;
  • The ILC charter applications from SoFi, Square, and potentially other technology companies provide competition to traditional banks because of their ability to reach consumers;
  • Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will have long-term implications for banks with significant customer populations in affected states; and
  • The Treasury Department is taking the lead on CRA reform and will develop a roadmap to be implemented by new leadership at the federal banking agencies.


Members of CBA's Board and committee leaders met with SBA Administrator Linda McMahon (center - in white) this week in Washington, D.C.


CBA committee leaders and Board members visited the Department of Treasury this week in Washington, D.C.


Brad Conner of Citizens Bank accepts the Chairman's gavel at this week's CBA Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C.


CBA Committee Leadership Charts a Path Forward

Joining CBA’s Board of Directors at CBA HQ this week were CBA’s Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs. Our committees are the heartbeat of our organization and each year they gather to discuss the best way forward for CBA, consumers, and the retail banking industry. We were glad to have them in town, and thank you to all those who serve and participate on our committees.



Four Million Zelle Users and Counting

Since Zelle’s June launch, more than 4 million people have enrolled in the bank sponsored mobile payment network, including myself. Zelle’s success is an example of the innovative products and features banks can provide consumers. I’m looking forward to watching CBA’s membership continue to develop new products to serve consumer needs.



Membership Spotlight: My Visit with Kiran Analytics

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at CBA sapphire sponsor Kiran Analytics’ annual Summit in San Diego, CA. Former Board chair Gene Kirby, now at CE Solutions, did a rapid-fire style interview with me, discussing all things retail banking, challenges for the industry, and the future of bank branches. As a company specializing in branch optimization, Kiran attendees had a lot of great questions and insights into our discussion. Many thanks to Jim DeLapa, CEO, Kerim Tumay, VP of Marketing, and the whole Kiran Analytics team for having me!



Fall Months Bring CBA Committees to Washington       

Over the next couple months, each of CBA’s standing committees will make the trip to D.C. to discuss industry trends, best practices, and discuss how best to serve consumers. Next week, the CBA team will welcome the Auto Finance Committee!



Three Things to Know To Be in The Know

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Wells Fargo, BofA Prepared to Send Mobile ATMs in Irma's Wake




CBA is glad to welcome aboard Nick Simpson as VP, Public Affairs. Previously, Nick served as Director of Communications for the Managed Fund Association.