View from CBA August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

Interchange Developments

News came on Wednesday that a U.S. district court judge struck down the Federal Reserve rule capping interchange fees for debit card transactions, saying the Fed overstepped its authority and set the caps too high. CBA issued the following statement in reaction:

"This new ruling will create even more chaos for consumers and small banks. Congress ought to save families from this uncertainty by repealing this government mandated price-fixing. We certainly hope retailers return to their free-market principles as they did when opposing the proposed government ban on big gulp sodas in New York."

We are working with other banking trade associations to ensure a coordinated effort on this issue. 

CBA held a membership call today on the impact of the U.S. District Court Ruling on debit card interchange fees.  More than 100 participants joined the discussion. 

Graduate School of Retail Bank Management (GSRBM)

The 2013 GSRBM graduation ceremony was held Tuesday, recognizing the achievements of 78 seniors including our top student, the Tem Wooldridge Award winner, and eight honors graduates:

Jill Enabnit, U.S. Bank (2013 Tem Wooldridge Award recipient)
Christina Brozyna, M&T Bank
Joe Clark, Capital One
Lisa Magana, Wells Fargo
Michael Martino, Wells Fargo
Greg Taylor, MainSource
Wilson Tyler, USAA
Daneen Wilson, Wells Fargo
Alisa Winslow, PNC

 My observations from GSRBM 2013:

  • Strong attendance from this year’s Freshman class
  • Faculty stated this year’s graduation class is the strongest yet, possibly due to students being more well-tested through the crises
  • 90 percent of 3rd year students feel better about banking’s future vs. two years ago
  • Regulation and new-age competition are their top concerns
  • Analyst Nancy Bush does not see any consolidation of banks above $10 billion, but significant below the threshold
  • MainSource President and CEO Archie Brown and analyst Scott Siefers conducted a live analyst call – gutsy
  • Bank Dinner Night saw a huge turnout from C-suite executives
  • I felt a more confident, serious tone from all classes
  • Pretty sure Chick-Fil-A witnessed a significant increase in revenue during the week
  • Downtown Greenville still thrives
  • Market$im conversion to first year was a big hit.

Any suggestions for a new name instead of CBA/BAI GSRBM?  

Membership News

CBA's past Board of Directors Chairs held a call this week to discuss industry and regulatory developments, GSRBM and CBA LIVE 2014. Thanks to our participants for their time and continued dedication to CBA: 


Jim Daniel, BancFirst (1991)
Craig Kelly, Crestar Financial (1999)
G. Patrick Phillips, Bank of America (2000)
John Ward, First American (2001)
Emerson Brumback, Fifth Third (2005)
C. Gene Kirby, NewAlliance (2010)
Mary Navarro, Huntington (2011)
Susan Faulkner, Bank of America (2012)

 CBA Calendar

The CBA team is looking ahead to our in-person Committee meetings in September and October at our Washington, D.C. office. CBA will also hold our fifth annual invitation-only Executive Roundtable series in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, October 23, 2013, and Thursday, October 24, 2013. Contact Liz Terry to learn more.