The Facts on Student Debt and How to Tackle It

CBA President and CEO Richard Hunt penned this op-ed on the state of student lending, college debt and ways to address this looming crisis. In the piece, he corrects some of the most common myths surround student lending as well as some of the policy proposals CBA has recommended to ensure federal funds help those most in need while helping students and parents responsibly finance higher education goals without taking on debt they will never be able to repay.

Consumer Bankers endorses U.S. Bank’s Simple Loan product

The Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) has endorsed U.S. Bank’s new Simple Loan product, which provides a more cost-effective option for short-term loans for consumers.

CRA reform, fintech threat shift bank lobbying effort toward regulators

During a recent interview, incoming CBA Board Chair, Todd Barnhart of PNC Bank, discussed our legislative and regulatory priorities for the upcoming year. CBA will shift its lobbying efforts to focus primarily on federal regulators rather than lawmakers.

OCC Seeks Input On Lending Regs For Underserved Areas

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency kicked off a process Tuesday that could lead to an overhaul of regulations around bank lending in underserved areas.

U.S. Bank Regulator Moves to Modify Lending Rules for Poorer Communities

A national banking regulator took the first step Tuesday toward rewriting rules for lending in lower-income neighborhoods, an effort that could allow institutions to redirect billions of dollars spent on loans and investments.

OCC goes it alone on first step toward CRA overhaul

On August 28, The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued more than 30 questions Tuesday asking the public how it can revamp a 40-year-old law that grades banks on their lending to low-and-moderate income communities.

“Banks have a continuing responsibility to meet the credit needs of their communities, but in recent years banking has seen major changes,” said Richard Hunt, president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association, in a statement. 

Booker wants to bar banks from charging ‘unfair’ overdraft fees

Booker wants to bar banks from charging ‘unfair’ overdraft fees

By Joe Hernandez

August 6, 2018


In a move to end an “unfair” practice he said traps consumers in a “vicious cycle of poverty,” U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey has introduced a bill that would prohibit banks from charging customers certain overdraft fees.