CBA OnSite Education: Banking Fundamentals

CBA OnSite: Fundamentals of Banking

This program provides new retail bank officers, non-bank professionals, and others with a fundamental understanding of how an institution maintains profitability within the parameters of regulatory controls, economic circumstances, competitive influences and risk limitations. 


Program Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of how a bank makes money within the parameters of economic circumstances, competitive influences, risk factors, and regulatory requirements
  • Describe bank risk elements and their impact on product and pricing choices in both lending and bank funding
  • Complete a high level peer analysis through an understanding of key metrics and the bank’s publicly available financial information


Program Overview

Based on the needs assessment conducted with the bank, this program can be customized to best meet the learning needs of the organization These modules include facilitated discussion and hands on application with case studies and various small team activities.


Build a Bank

  • Overview of the business model for banking
  • The nature and sources of return (profit) in retail banking
  • Summary of the regulatory agencies, rules, and environment


Bank Financial Statements

  • Introduction to bank financial statements
  • Introduction to measuring performance


Risk Management

  • Overview of risk management – Credit, Liquidity, Interest Rate, and Operational Risk


Balance Sheet Choices:  Lending

  • Economic cycles and the availability of loans and deposits
  • The nature of retail and commercial credit products
  • Introduction to the credit cycle, from product design to collections


Balance Sheet Choices: Funding the Bank

  • The different ways of funding a retail bank and the role of deposits


Peer Bank Analysis


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