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Speaker Lineup

The CBA Washington Forum lineup of presenters includes lawmakers, former regulators, industry experts, and more. Catch full videos from the event, held on November 16, 2022, featuring those at the forefront of retail banking's top policy issues in Washington, DC, including:



Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY)

U.S. Congress for KY (Dist. 6); Member, House Financial Services Committee

Lindsey Johnson

President & CEO - CBA


Brian Johnson

  Managing Director of Banking Supervision and Regulation -  Potomak Global Partners  


Chris Willis

Partner - Troutman Pepper 


Andrea Mitchell

Managing Partner - Mitchell Sandler LLC



Allyson Baker

Partner - Paul Hastings  





Dan Smith

 Executive Vice President, Head of Regulatory Affairs - CBA

Sam Whitfield

Senior Vice President, Congressional Relations - CBA

Carla Sanchez Adams

Staff Attorney - National Consumer Law Center  




Eric Goldberg

Partner - Akerman


Rob Hunter

Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs & Deputy General Counsel -  The Clearing House 


Shelley Thompson

  Associate General Counsel - CBA



John Pitts

Head of Policy - Plaid

Adam Maarec

Senior Director & Associate General Counsel - Capital One  


Kelly Cochran

Deputy Director - FinRegLab  



Rob Morgan

CEO - USDF Consortium   

Patricia Yeh

Associate General Counsel - Truist 

Mike Nonaka

Partner - Covington


Brian Fritzsche

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs - CBA 

Nat Hoopes

Vice President & Head of Public Policy - Upstart  

Gary Stein

Partner & Chief Portfolio Officer - 99 FinTech  


David Pommerehn

General Counsel - CBA 

Pace Bradshaw

Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Government Engagement - VISA

Ian Moloney

Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs - Cross River




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