CBA LIVE 2018 - CPE Credit-Eligible Sessions

February 21, 2018

CPE Credit-Eligible Sessions

Below is a list of CBA LIVE 2018 sessions eligible for CPE Credits. For more comprehensive information about each session, view our interactive program here. Participants will earn 1.0 CPE credit offered for each 1-hour session. 


Monday, March 12, 2018

  • Managing Redlining Risk in Fair & Responsible Banking 
  • Dawn of a New Day: Regulatory Panel
  • The Rise of Open Banking
  • To Digital and Beyond! The Future of Banking
  • Risk Regulator Panel
  • CRA: Regulatory Roundtable
  • Applying Advanced Analytics to Identify Risks
  • Balancing Fraud Prevention and the Customer Experience
  • Digital Regulator Panel
  • Getting Paid Now: The Next Generation of Payments


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  • A Futurist’s Take: Trends Shaping Tomorrow's Auto Industry
  • Fair Lending in Default Servicing
  • Challenging the Status Quo Through Innovation and Change
  • Racing to Victory in Auto Finance Servicing Compliance
  • A Global Perspective on Sales Practices & Conduct Risk
  • HMDA Data & Analytics: How Are You Utilizing the New Data?
  • A Comprehensive View of Lending Trends
  • A Regulatory Oversight Roadmap for Auto Finance Add-On Products
  • The Complaint Odyssey: From Launch to Lessons Learned
  • Balancing Fraud Prevention and the User Experience
  • Beyond 2018: Fair & Responsible Banking Trends
  • Winter is Coming: Containing Financial Risks Ahead of the Next Downturn
  • The Brave New World of CFPB Student Lending Compliance



For each of the sessions listed above, a sign-in sheet will be available in the back of the room. Participants should sign in upon arrival and sign out at departure.  A course name and number will be provided.  CBA will retain records of participation but is not obligated to submit any documentation relative to participation. Evaluation forms will be sent to each participant following the conference and also will be available through the CBA LIVE mobile app. CBA representatives will be available during each session to assist with questions regarding CPE credits.