CFPB Releases Revised Company Portal Manual

March 3, 2016

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, the CFPB incorporated feedback from CBA members and revised its Company Portal Manual for financial institutions using its consumer complaint portal. Notable changes included:


  • A revised the definition of a “duplicate” complaint with the intention of providing more accurate overall complaint numbers. 
  • Re-categorized complaint resolution and added additional “Administrative Response” options, and;
  • Updated a disclosure for companies not publically responding to narrative complaints.


The amended definition of “duplicate” complaint helped to address member concerns about individual complaints being counted more than once due to multiple submissions by the consumer or other entities.  The Administrative Response field offers banks an option in circumstances in which the institution cannot validate a commercial relationship with the complaining consumer, or if the company believes the complaint was submitted by an unauthorized third party, or if the complaint is identified as a duplicate of one already received by the company and previously responded to through the portal.  The revised no-response disclosure better captures the institution’s commitment to customer privacy.


CBA President and CEO Richard Hunt thanked the Bureau for incorporating some of the requested changes, adding this may signal that member bank feedback was “not falling on deaf ears.”